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Liwal Pashto/Dari
Keyboard LK-8510
Manufacturer: Liwal Limited
Part No: LK-8510
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Liwal Office Keyboard with extra 22 office/internet/multimedia hot keys + 13 office hot keys embedded in the function keys. LK-306 is a powerful good keyboard at competitive price.

Liwal Office and Multimedia Keyboard

A powerful keyboard at competitive price

This beautiful keyboard comes with 22 external hot keys and 13 embedded office short-cut keys is an office and multimedia keyboard for Windows XP.

Product Features

F Key Lock

It toggles the 12 function keys (F1 - F12) between standard functions and Office hot-keys function.
Office Hot Keys
12 Office Hot Keys for Help, New, Open, Save, Replace, Spell, Redo, Undo, Reply, Forward, Send (e-mail), and Print provide one-touch access to all your everyday commands. It works great with Microsoft Office products, and the other leading applications, such as CorelDraw and Photo Impact.
EURO € Hot Key
The direct access "€" Euro sign hot key is located on the ?§Num Lock Key" and controlled by "F Key Lock". The "€" EURO sign hot key will function, when both of the LED for "F Key Lock" and for "Num Lock" are "ON". For normal numeric keypad, just press "F Key Lock" to turn off the embedded Office hot key functions.
Clipboard Hot Keys
Cut, Copy, Paste, and Mark hot keys bring all your everyday commands to your fingertips; enables you to edit/ modify your documents with minimal mouse movement.
Multimedia Hot Keys
A set of hot keys is available for one touch control of CD Play, Volume Up, Volume Down, Mute, Previous Track, Next Track and Stop CD Play.
Internet Hot Keys
With WWW, E-Mail, Back and Forward hot keys, you can surfing the net much easier.
Application Hot Keys
  • My Com: enables you to open the My Computer window.
  • App. SW: enables you to switch among the opened applications.
  • Log Off: enables you to log off Windows and change user's name quickly.
  • Close Key: enables you to close the active application with a single press.
  • Sleep Key: puts PC into "sleep mode" - protecting data and saving energy.
Programmable Hot Key
This programmable hot key is for users to customize the short-cut of the accessory/ application built-in MS Windows - such as Calculator, and File Manager...

This Keyboard is plug & play with Windows XP/ 2000/ ME. All the hot keys functions are supported by the keyboard microprocessor. No external driver is required for the operation.

Clipboard Hot Keys
  • CUT
    Cut the selected item (s) to the Clipboard.
    Pastes the copied or cut item (s) from the Clipboard.
  • COPY
    Copies the selected item (s) to the Clipboard.
  • MARK
    Use Scroll Wheel and Mark Key to select and mark item (s).
  • APP. SW
    Switch among the opened applications.
    Close the opened active applications.
  • BACK
    Move back to the previously viewed topic.
    Move forward to the next (previously viewed) topic.
Office Hot Keys
  • UNDO
    Reverses the last command or deletes the last entry you typed
  • REDO
    Redoes the previously undone action.
  • BOLD
    Makes or removes selected text and numbers bold.
  • NEW
    Creates a new, blank file base on the default template.
  • OPEN
    Open or find a file already stored in the computer.
  • SAVE
    Save the active file with its current file name, and location.
  • SEND
    Send an e-mail message. For Outlook & Outlook Express only
    Forward a message to others. For Outlook & Outlook Express
    Reply to the e-mail sender. For Outlook & Outlook Express.
    Open the Print dialog box.
    Open Replace dialog box, for replacing text or other items.
    Adds bullets or removes bullets from selected paragraphs.
    Activate automatic spelling and grammar checking.
  • HELP
    Open the Help and support services dialog box.
1 year limited warranty
Extended warranty available on demand
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