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Liwal Software History

Liwal Computers in Afghanistan is a computing division Of Liwal Limited & an OEM system builder, assembler and integrator providing state-of-the-art Pashto/Dari Software programs and applications for home users, small business, large business and govetnment institustions all over Afghanistan. Liwal Afghanistan's own branded Computers are localized for the market of Afghanistan and they come with Pashto/Dari software support and Pashto/Dari Keyboard manfucacured by Liwal Limited. Liwal Afghanistan's own branded Computers Desktops, Notebooks and Servers are offered with 3 years Limited Warranty for the first time all over Afghanistan.  This is a chronological history of Liwal Afghanistan own branded Laptop computers.
In 1994

January -

Liwal Mobile 4020CVL was released to the market in Afghanistan. This is the first ever Laptop in history of Afghanistan which is OEM manfuctured, built, integrated and asslembled in Afghanistan. A step toward made in Afghanistan

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